Mapping the Evolution of Clinical Trials on Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: A Bibliometric Overview (1965-2023).

Mapping the Evolution of Clinical Trials on Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: A Bibliometric Overview (1965-2023).

Publication date: Feb 01, 2024

This study provides a comprehensive overview of the current landscape in drug-resistant tuberculosis research. An extensive electronic search was conducted on PubMed and Scopus databases to identify clinical trials related to drug-resistant tuberculosis. Network analysis and visualization were performed on the data using the Biblioshiny App and VOSviewer software. This bibliometric study focuses on revealing publication trends, leading contributors, key institutions, thematic focuses, and citation patterns. The analysis of research paper publications reveals a consistent upward trajectory over the years, characterized by periodic declines and subsequent surges. Noteworthy peaks in 2013 and 2010 are observed in Scopus and PubMed, respectively, followed by marked declines, particularly notable between 2021 and 2023. PubMed and Scopus data indicate that the United States and South Africa are the leading contributors. According to the PubMed and Scopus databases, the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University are the institutions that contribute the most. Keyword and thematic analyses underscore the primary research focuses on drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), including drug combination therapy, microbiological analysis of sputum, therapeutic uses of antitubercular agents, drug resistance (DR), multidrug resistance (MDR), and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The trend-topic analysis reveals dynamic shifts in research focus over time, transitioning from single-drug therapy to addressing drug resistance and highlighting the emerging need for effective drug therapy in cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Notably, most research papers on drug-resistant tuberculosis are single-country publications. Citation analysis in the Scopus database indicates that the average citation per year and mean total citation per year peaked during 2005-2006. This suggests a period of heightened impact and recognition within the research community during that timeframe. The study’s findings may inform strategic planning for combating drug-resistant tuberculosis, ultimately contributing to future enhanced prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.

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Africa bibliometric
Andmycobacterium citation analysis
Therapy clinical trials
Tuberculosis drug-resistant
network analysis
network visualization
overlay visualization


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disease MESH Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
disease MESH tuberculosis
pathway KEGG Tuberculosis

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